logologo #BrazilGasSummit Dates: 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2021

His Excellency Joaquim Silva e Luna

Roberto Futian Ardhengy

Simone de Araújo

Álvaro Ferreira Tupiassu

Rafael Senna Santos Imbuzeiro

Gerente Geral de Logística de Gás e Energia (desde out/2018)
Gerente Geral de Operações Logísticas de GN e GNL (ago/2016 – out/2018)
Gerente Geral de Suporte à Logística de Gás Natural (abr/2014 – ago/2016)
Gerente de Recebimento, Transporte e Tratamento (ago/2012 – mar/2014)
Gerente de Participações nas Transportadoras (mar/2011 – jul/2012)

Rodrigo Costa Lima e Silva

Carla Primavera

Carla Gaspar Primavera is the Superintendent of the Energy Area in BNDES Brazilian
Development Bank. She is responsible for the teams that overlook all financings for
power generation, transmission and distribution projects. Her teams also coordinate the
relationship between BNDES and other public and private institutions regarding these
projects. She is a BNDES tenure employee since 2000. Previous to this position she was
a lawyer within BNDES, during such period she developed a broad experience in
leading legal teams in analyzing the regulatory, contractual, corporate, financial and
environmental aspects of the projects, always aiming to achieve the long-term credit
goals in a sustainable manner.
She holds a law degree from UERJ, and has an MBA in Business Economics Law from
the Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Santiago Sacerdote

General Manager of Y-TEC since May 2015, and member of its Board of Directors since its foundation (2012). Between 2012 and 2015, served as CONICET’s Vice President of Technological Affairs. Industrial engineer graduated from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA). Widely experienced as a business strategy consultant for companies, as well as in the design of strategic planning policies and implementation of Public Policies in Science, Technology and Liaising.

Ing. Alejandro Stipanicic

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